Commit to Steward the Land

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I just met with Rick Rudnick of Rick Rudnick Artistree. He is an
arborist and it was such a great meeting. It reminded me of all of the
things that made me select landscape architecture as my profession. We
were discussing cutting and removing some trees in a neighborhood homeowners
association that I work with.

He was remarking that it was a shame that we will remove some of the trees.
After all, we are the ones who are the
temporary beings on this earth. The trees, many of them, will be here
long after we are gone. We are only the stewards of the land for our
turn on this earth.

It is our mission while we are caring for the land to
do a good job. That means really caring for trees and making them
beautiful and healthy for all the other beings on the earth.

After all, we are not on this earth alone. The birds, squirrels all the
other animals that partake and benefit from the trees are sharing our
use and enjoyment of them.

Many times our decisions are shortsighted
and and lack the perspective of the lifetime of the tree. The world
would be more perfect if there were more Ricks in it.


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