Continuing Luck with Feng Shui

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I just worked with a great client of mine that I have known for about 10 years.  This guy is extremely lucky and he knows how fortunate he is.  He called me to review his office because three or four projects fell through at one time and that is unusual for him. It is a wise person who doesn't tolerate adverse luck and acts quickly to turn it around. When I interviewed him, I learned that he recently moved and bought a beautiful house that is undergoing some construction now.  As soon as I heard that, I knew that the problem wasn't with his office but his home living situation. Most people don't realize when they move to a new house that they inherit all the luck, good and bad, of the previous owner.  Many times this doesn't affect a new house-owner until they have lived there for six months to a year. Our homes can tell a story and you can see the story just by understanding which design details support specific life situations.  For instance many homes are designed with charming archways or doorways in the bedroom that have no door.  This detail doesn't support good relationships and so there are often problems that can be remedied with minor Feng shui adjustments. Some people think that you adjust the Feng shui of a home or office once and like hanging a picture, you never need to do it again.  That works for some people but others have ups and downs in life and periodically need to have adjustments or blessings applied to their homes to support an even richer life.  That is the life I want to live; one that keeps getting better and better with grand new horizons in sight.


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