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I’m reading the book Natures Secret Messages Hidden in Plain Sight by
Elaine Wilkes.

When you written your own book, it is an unusual experience to read
other books in the same genera. Sometimes before I start a book
like this I fear that perhaps there will not be a lot of new information.

What I always forget is that whether I read a message that is new or
not it’s often something that I need to hear.

Right now I’m in the space of a promoted my book so i am busy expanding my
presence in the world. Though I’m meditating daily, I realize that I’m a little
too busy. Reading this book is reminds me again to get out
and enjoy nature.

All of us need balance in our lives and though I should be answering
my emails and following up with clients, and finishing the article I
have to write, I’m out on a walk.

It’s a beautiful afternoon. I get to enjoy a fabulous sculpture that
I’m walking past, Fringe Flower in bloom, red Nandina berries, and
a Flowering Plum just starting to show its beautiful pink blossoms.


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