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aloe_veraI was excited to get some questions about plants to improve the Feng Shui of a home and garden.  Some of the questions give me a chance to discuss a subject that often causes confusion in the world of Feng Shui.  CACTI- are they positive or negative and where can we use them.  Many people in the Feng Shui community have vilified  Cacti and told everyone never to use them.  Practically, this can be difficult for the people who live in desert communities.    I have been taught by Grandmaster Lin Yun that cacti can have a very positive effect on the Feng Shui of a home if properly placed.

First, let me make a point of distinguishing Cacti from other succulents.  Cacti per se are a group of plans that do have spines.  There are other plant families that have spines and other prickly aspects to them and look like Cacti so know that not all plants with pricklies are Cacti but for my advice purpose we will treat them the same because they often have the same qualities and effects.

Cacti and other prickly plants should never be placed so that you are in danger of being impaled on them.  It is better if threatening plants are kept away from the front door.  If you want to use them, putting some distance between your interface with them is better for instance I have used them against a feature wall in a space where you wouldn’t have physical contact with them.

Beside their beauty and uniqueness, why would people think they improve the Feng Shui of a garden?  They have a special quality that makes them desirable and that is they are persistent and endure through tough conditions.  We can all use that kind of fortitude.

I generally use cacti sparingly but I am more likely to use several other succulent plants both indoors and out to help in different areas of the Ba-Gua and therefore in life.  For instance, Jade plants are represent money and I like to use them in the Wealth and Career areas.  Aloes are healing plants and sometimes I will use them in the center of the Ba-Gua to support good health.  For the Fame area inside I like to use the Mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria).  It has a great shape for that area.

As a point of information, NASA examined which plants help to improve the air inside your home and Aloe and Sansevieria made that list.  Now that I have recommended some succulent plants indoors, I want to caution you about how to keep them alive.  Most important is don’t overwater!  Also, try to give them some extra light and if it freezes in your area, try to keep them away from contact with windows during those cold months.

I got another question about adding a Fig tree in the relationship area of a lot.  A fruit tree anywhere on your lot will bear fruit.  In the relationship area this tree would be very auspicious for several reasons.  First the shape of the tree is perfect for this area- a round headed tree is best for this area.  Second this tree has been associated with fertility and since this area is the most feminine area of the Ba-Gua, the Fig is a great choice.

Thanks so much for the questions.  I would love to continue blogging on subjects that you want to hear.  Feel free to send more questions [email protected]





  1. sandy  November 9, 2014

    thank you, nice subject.. but i would love to ask you about having a small garden in the center of my house!

    and i cannot remove it, i will make it full of stones around the trees and add more lighting, is this enough?

  2. garden architect  May 15, 2017

    I really adore your post. I read your blog pretty often and you’re always coming out with some great items.
    I discussed this on my FB and my followers just adored it.
    Keep up the great work!


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