Feng Shui Healer Heal Myself

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Some of what I learned as a Feng Shui practitioner has come from personal experience. It is always easier to have perspective on others problems but not so easy on your own.

I was sick last week and my energy took a nosedive. At the same time some negative things happened in my life. How I describe this to my clients is that your energy is not able to fend off negative energy from outside sources.

Of course, because it’s me, I feel I’m infallible and continue working through the decreasing energy. My normal A type personality was distraught because my energy had plummeted to a realm where I couldn’t get anything done. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of things that were on my plate.

It suddenly dawned on me that I had a feng shui cure that would help. After the cure, like a miracle, I was able to access all of my energy and whip through my list in no time.

I am so grateful for all of this feng shui knowledge that I have and the meditation time that has allowed me to have clarity on my own condition.

It is great to know that while calamities and difficulties may happen, suffering is optional.


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