Feng Shui Hot Buttons for Health

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Sometimes it’s like a treasure hunt when I’m looking for clues as to why the Feng Shui of a house doesn’t support good health. I recently visited a house where this was not the case. The owner had three occluded arteries blocked 90% and when I went into his house I could see why. In fact, this was not the first time he has had heart problems.

About 10 years ago he threw a clot in his heart which endangered his life. When I visited his house then, I found that the hallway was blocked with big cabinets. When you shut down arteries through the house, there is always a danger that a similar situation will occur inside your body.
So, I was not entirely surprise to walk into his house this time and see that the hallways leading to his bedroom were almost closed down.

Once I am invited into a home, like a detective, I look for the clues that support or don’t support the aims of the owner. In this case I found many different elements that were bringing his health down. I usually begin a consultation by going to the area of the house that feels like it might be a problem. If I get no feelings and the problem is serious I often start in the bedroom because that’s the place where we spend the most time.

This bedroom was a disaster. He has more things crammed in his bedroom than I could think would be comfortable in a space. In this small room his bed goes from wall to wall and is crammed into a corner. There is also a desk where he sits with his back to the door while he does family finances. Then, there’s a chest of drawers and overflowing bookcase. As of this isn’t bad enough, the wall where his head sleeps is the same wall but the door
is on. This means when he is laying in bed he doesn’t have view of the door. This puts him at disadvantage to the world.

The room behind his bedroom is a bathroom. So, this head back up to a toilet and the sink. All of these different aspects serves to drain his energy, to clog his heart, and bring his health down.

There was one more detail in the house that was a difficulty. On the main floor of the house there are three doors that are in a row. This is called piercing heart doors and can contribute to problems along the midline of the body.

Luckily you don’t have to do construction to correct all these problem design details. There are Feng Shui solutions that can resolve the problems.

Beside the changes to the house, there are also things that can be done to ensure people’s safety when they go to the hospital. Though he probably thought they were excessive I asked him to do these things to calm my mind. I think in the process, it calmed and reassured him as well.

His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun, the source of my Feng Shui knowledge always taught us that it isn’t only the Feng Shui that must be in place. We must also make sure that we have good doctors and take care of ourselves and get several opinions from different kinds of experts if things are serious or aren’t going the way they should. This client had excellent doctors and came through his procedure with flying colors. To see a video of many of the situations described here, see’>Feng Shui Hot Buttons for Health.



  1. Shelley Sparks  April 6, 2012

    I support you! When you realize the bad effects that the clutter can have, you have more inspiration to clear it out!


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