Garden Secrets Questionnaire

Your Garden Personality Guide

These questions are to help you identify elements that will benefit you in your garden. Each of them deals with different parts of you and can be used to solve problems, help you structure your garden, and to choose which elements to include in your space.

Remember sometimes when things in your garden conflict, you may have to choose one thing over another and decide a future garden will fulfill other needs for you.

Answer each question and I will send you tips and suggestions on getting the true expression of yourself in your garden.

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1. How much privacy is important to you?

2. Which aspect of your home are you most happy with?

3. Which of your senses is most important to you?

4. What element of yourself would you like to see more balanced?

5. What types of rooms do you like best?

6. What is your lifestyle like?

This section will help you structure the look and feeling of your garden based on what general theme you would like. If you have enough space on your property, you can pick two or three themes to express. This can only be the case if you separate the areas adequately  

7. I want a drought tolerant garden and would like to know what my options are.

8. I dream about traveling to different parts of the world and would like to bring back a wonderful garden

9. I love the idea of my garden being expressive of my style. I would like to have a theme garden in my yard

Enjoy the answers!

Shelley Sparks