Keep your Tomatoes Healthy and Strong

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To support the good health and deter bugs from tomatoes you can use companion planting.  Companion Chives, Onions and Garlic deter bugs from Tomatoes we think because of the odor.  Borage deters hornworms.  Marigolds deter nematodes and other bugs.  When marigolds have gone past, chop them up and till them into the soil.  Nasturtiums deter whitefly and aphids.  Basil adds both flavor and strength to both plants.  If you plant asparagus near tomatoes, it will help the Tomato will repel the asparagus beetle.

Are there plants which shouldn’t be used with tomatoes?  The Bassicas such as Broccoli repel each other.  Corn and Tomatoes have a fruit and ear worm that are similar and so increased the attraction of both of these pests.  Fennel inhibits the growth of tomatoes.  Don’t plant potatoes near tomatoes as it will stunt the growth of the potatoes.  Kohirabi inhibits the growth of tomatoes.



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