Could you live in an eco friendly way?

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Lynne-landscaping-shadebar1I visited a friend last weekend and was totally amazed by her self
sustaining eco living style.  She lives in a yurt  many miles outside of town
and totally off the grid.  She has solar panels for  electricity, water from her well and
gardens to feed herself.  She has furnished her home in an organic,
beautiful and purposeful way.  The quiet of being out in
nature is magnificent there.

There was a time when I thought I wanted to live like this.  There is
a beauty living close to the land and without the need for others
support that is appealing.  But there is also struggle there.  You
have to do everything for yourself.

I think as I have aged I have “gone soft”.  I don’t want to fight the
elements.  I don’t want to have to prove to myself that I can make
it on my own.  I am taking a middle ground in that I design gardens
thinking of the eco footprint and I try to live softly on the earth but
in comparison to my friend I am living very heavy on the earth.

We all create what we need for our souls development at a particular
time in our lives.  There is no right or wrong- it is all about choices.
My choices now are to have a supported comfortable happy life.
I’ve learned that when I am comfortable I have the energy to be of service
to others.  Many others can do this in the midst of self sustainability.

I admire my friend for the example that she setting for many of us
in taking little from the resources that there are.  Someday I expect
that I will grow more of my own food and use my property as a teaching
facility for sustainability.  But now my life is more about teaching
in an active way in a way that is set to reach more people and help
them in more worldly pursuits.  To do that I need to be an example of
worldly success.

This is my choice today.  What’s yours?


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