Living truly in Costa Rica

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I just got back from Costa Rica. There is so much value in traveling. Getting into another setting and routine is one of the most valuable experiences. No matter how much we think that we vary our days, we humans invariably fall into patterns. Travel always lifts us out to give us perspective on our lives.

My trip offered me so much more. I hiked, walked, met new people, flew in a small airplane and saw many new sights.

The most valuable experiences for me was just being in the forests- seeing the patterns of plants, smelling the humus of the earth, hearing the calls of birds, feeling the textures of leaves and tasting some edible plants.

Being alive in the world can mean accessing your senses and paying attention to all around you. Anyone who has suffered a near death experience can attest to the importance of every small occurrence and the sensual world around you.

Why can't every day peak our desire to enjoy all that is around us? We can be fully alive every moment to hear the buzz and see the color of life. It just requires our presence.


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