Your #succulent #garden doesn’t have to be a fruit salad

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The entry garden at South Coast Botanic Garden is planted beautifully with succulents.  This video offers you great design tips for using succulents in your garden.



  1. Luis  December 2, 2015

    John, casually began bdrniig in my backyard around Cincinnati, Ohio. Just wanted to identify the birds in my backyard. Accomplished my goal. Attended some local bdrniig programs. Kept track of my birds for a few years. Interest waned, but I looked forward to seeing The Big Year. Saw it yesterday and enjoyed the movie! It’s only after seeing a movie that I search for reviews and related info you are related info found your blog on a search. Read December 2010. Will read the remaining months and will root for you! PS, I’ll look up all your birds. Good luck!


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