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I just got a question about designing a home and whether it must be on balance.  I am always so grateful to receive questions like this because it gives me an opportunity to discuss subjects that I know many have about their homes.

There are many ways to view siting a home in balance.  Ideally, if we have an empty lot and a house is designed on it, we have to evaluate whether the lot is flat or sloped.  Sometimes a sloped site will dictate where we place a house.  Often on a flat site there are impediments to placing a home right in the middle which is the most ideal place.  Let me explain.  A home in the middle of the lot is a home that is like a pearl, protected in the center from over-activity being too close to the front of a lot or from the inactivity of being too close to the back of the lot.  If placing the house in the center is not an option due to existing trees or other impediments you will want to look at what can be used to balance the imbalance.  For instance, if the house must be too close to the front of the lot, you may want to add lighting at the front of the lot to “create space” between the house and street and keep the house more protected from the vicissitudes of life.   If your home is located near the back of the lot and you don’t want to retire from life, you can use lights in the back of the lot shining toward the highest point in your house to “push” your home forward.

If we are looking at the imbalance of the house itself, there are many ways to evaluate it.  If a house doesn’t have a symmetrical look when we are viewing it from the front, I often use trees to redress the balance.  You can also adjust the walkways leading to the house so that it appears more balanced than it in fact is.  I just had a client whose house elevation was extremely unbalanced and we are planning to skew the front walkway plus add trees that will de-emphasize the imbalance.  Lighting in the front plantings will finish the process.

Finally, another source of imbalance of a house is in the floor plan.  Is one side of the house longer than another?  If so, it may favor the males or the females in the house.  There may be “missing areas” of a house which is often seen where a house isn’t perfectly square of rectangular.  The floor plan of a house is a very important aspect of the Feng Shui analysis.  Many of the imbalances can be corrected from the inside of the house with the use of crystals, mirrors, and other Feng Shui “cures”.    Nearly all the imbalances can also be corrected from the outside of the house using wind chimes, fountains, statues and other Feng Shui “cures”.

I hope these suggestions are useful to you.  If you have more specific details to ask about, please feel free to email me and I will try to answer your questions in a blog.  Nothing replaces a personal consultation about your Feng Shui.  I have been blessed to have many clients bring me to their projects in person and also via Skype or email.  If you are seeking answers in books, of course I recommend my own book Secrets of the Land, Designing Harmonious Gardens with Feng Shui or Feng Shui for Dummies by David Daniel Kennedy  or Feng Shui by Design by Nancy SantoPietro.



  1. Jacki  December 20, 2013

    Thanks for this Shelley – I would love to see some examples, because sometimes I learn best visually, but I think I can use the porch and stairs of my newly built house (still designing by the seat of my pants!) to create the balanced look. I’m loving living in my tiny house; it reminds me of a Japanese fishing shack, especially with the gangplank to the front door. I will like it even more when the porches are built, but that might be next spring. Phew – what a lot of work!

  2. Courtney  September 24, 2014

    Thanks forr finally talking аbout >Usіng Feng Shui to Balance Yοur Homme Site


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