Using Feng Shui to Design Your Business

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I recently got a question asking for tips on setting up a business using Feng Shui principles.  When I am consulting a with a client to set up a store, I always start with the entry.  Of course you will want the entry to be inviting and not overcrowded.  You want the energy to flow into your business freely.  This sounds strange but I have walked into businesses where the merchandise actually seems to block you coming in.

The next places that I look are in the back of the store.  The back left corner (when you are standing at the entry) is the wealth area.  When I am designing a business, I try to avoid things in the back left corner that will drain the business such as a bathroom.  Supply storage in this area is OK as long as it is kept neat and well arranged.  The middle of the back wall is the fame area so I like to see the company logo there to expand the reputation of the business.  If you are adding a water fountain, I would avoid it in this area.  You can place a fountain near the entry or in the wealth corner.  The back right corner is the partnership area so if you are in partnerships you will want this area again to be pleasant and neat.

The third areas that I look at are in the front of the store.  The center of the entry wall is the career area which is an area that could benefit from a water fountain to bring money into the business and create harmony for all those who enter.  The right hand corner at the entry is the helpful people area which can help you attract more business and helpful people to promote you.

In any of these areas you can add things such as hanging crystals to attract more energy to the spot but traditional decorations and enhancements also bring good energy to the area and that aspect of business.

I love getting questions about Feng Shui so that I have great things to share with you all.  Wishing you best of luck in your businesses and life.


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