What spooky omens tell you

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I can hide my head in the sand along with the best of them.  You would think that a feng shui expert that advises people all the time would pay closer attention to these matters but I am human.

About a month ago a black cat showed up on my property.  Showed up is putting it mildly because when her presence went ignored she took to standing outside our bedroom and howling night after night.  Did that alert me? No–still ignored it.  Finally after about three weeks of this I decided to think about it and realized that this was an omen.

His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun taught us that if a black cat howls outside your door that you could be in for an inauspicious event.  I finally took action and did a major protective blessing for my house.  Last Wednesday a rat died in my garden.  Within an hour of my finding him I got the news that my ex husband and friend had died.

You may ask what good did the omens and blessing do.  The result was the same.  Blessings and omens may be able to slightly alter events for yourself but people that don't live in your house will not be affected by your protections.  Each of us has a karma that is playing out and as much as we want to help others, it may not be possible to spare them their pain and fate.

Looking back on this week I realize that the omens and blessings have allowed me, when difficult choices came up, to choose a path that was thoughtful and clear.  The choices I have made will hopefully keep me from hurting anyone and regretting my actions in this difficult time.


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