Volume 1 ~ Issue 6 May 20 , 2009

Spring is upon us. Here in the south, shrubs and roses are blooming and perennials are growing. This is a good month to fertilize the whole garden. I recommend that you use organic fertilizers. Nowadays you can get these from most local nurseries but if you are having difficulty, try the following websites: extremelygreen.com, planetnatural.com, dirtworks.net.

If you have roses you will be feeding them now. Look for signs of disease also. If you find problems, remove the leaves of the roses. Remember to clean your clippers with alcohol before going onto the next plant so you don't spread disease. If you need an insecticide my favorite is Organic Neem Oil. It is the least toxic and covers most pest problems.



The economy is still difficult, people are losing their jobs and many people feel shaky about their financial positions. Other people have lost money in the stock market, their assets such as their homes have shrunk. If you are in this situation, what are you to do? Work harder? Drive yourself until you feel exhausted or give up entirely and cocoon yourself?

In my last newletter I mentioned that His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche gave us a prescription for facing the obstacles that we all come across in this life: Face it, Accept it, Deal with it and Let it go. Though I have always seen myself as a doer, I have found this prescription has improved my attitude and ability to work through the frustrations that we all experience. Working this way has taken the emotional burden out of the equation in facing the obstacles that come my way and therefore allows everything to go much smoother.

Why am I mentioning this in an article about money? Because when things aren't going as you wish them to, it is always helpful to use the difference between reality and what you wish to examine the attitudes about your situation. Here are some questions you can use as a beginning to see how to shift the attitudes and energy you have around money.

1. How am I going to be honest with myself about my financial situation and myself? I have worked with many clients helping them with financial problems and have seen many different reactions to financial issues. Some people don't face the problems until it gets to the critical level. So they have a pretty good idea that they should curb their spending habits but don't want to really know the facts because they don't want the party to end. Other people have money to live comfortably but are fearful they won't have enough so they hoard what they have and don't enjoy their lives. What is important here is to Face It honestly.

2. How am I suffering about my financial situation?. This is in some way a continuation of the first question. But here I want you to really look at what the emotional components of your financial picture are. Are you scared? Are you angry at life for not giving you what you want? Are you blaming others for your situation? Examine the nature of your suffering around this.

3. What thought processes will I need to change? If you can stand back and see what it is that is causing you to suffer, you can figure out what aspects of your thinking needs to change. For instance, if you are blaming others for your situation, you are keeping yourself weak and ineffectual. If you take responsibility for your part then you can take action to change it. If you are angry at life for not giving you what you want, again you are putting yourself in a position that you can't take action to change. If your thought processes are defeatist like "I caught a lucky break up until now but I can't make a living now." That is something to examine to realize that is just a projection of your fears. Sorting our feelings and the messages we give ourselves from the reality of the world is difficult but worthwhile. Buddhists call this way of looking at the world, delusions.

4. How can I open myself to the bigger picture? This question asks you to expand your world. How do you think big? In the past this aspect used to frighten me because I was worried about failing if I reached high and didn't acheive my hopes. Again this is all stuff that is going on between your ears. What does it hurt of dream big? How does it help? It gives the you and universe a picture of where you want to go. When I am stuck for design ideas it is usually because I am anxious about pleasing my client rather than focusing on creating a wonderful new space on the planet so I play the "What if" scenario. I suggest that you do that to imagine yourself in an expanded financial future.

5. What are the truths around my finances? It is useful to put your reality on paper so that you can assess what the true picture is rather that ignoring it or scaring yourself about it. Truths mean that you are looking at just the facts. Read books to see what the entire view of your finances could be.

6. What responsibilities come with facing the truth? This is the part of your planning that is asking you to face what you need to do to take charge. If after you have evaluated your finances you find that you need to control expenses, are you going to step up to do that? If you have been fearful about your financial security are you willing to trust yourself to be responsible? Any change involves giving up something for something better.

7. What are my new intentions around money? This is the section that you get to set up your new roadmap to the future of your financial path. What do you intend for yourself. When some people approach this step they are timid because intentions are a strong statement for what they want for their future but fearlessness is only way to make shifts. Be bold and fearless and state what you want for you.

8. What steps am I willing to take to keep myself in balance around money? This is another accountability step. It is not enough to set up intentions and get yourself on the right road with actions. You also need to stay aware and balanced around your financial picture. Habits and thought processes are hard to change so you need to really have a system for keeping yourself on track.

9. How will I integrate gratitude and joy as a daily practice? You may wonder what this is doing in this list. So many of us think about what we don't have. We are always looking for the next toy or the better house or bigger TV. No matter what our problems there are others whose lives are worse. It is important to remember this and "Count your blessings". This and really being happy with what you have is the foundation you need to have all your dreams come true.


This set of coins is a cure that can be used in home or business in the wealth area.*** To learn more about Feng Shui and Money see class below. This set of coins and a smaller version are available at Yun Lin Temple, www.yunlintemple.org


Plants bring vitality to any part of your home or office. This lucky bamboo is a particularly lucky one for finances. It does well inside as well as outside.

Fountains are often used to promote wealth. In the Chinese venacular water equates to money. A few online sites that I like are www.wishihadthat.com and www.simplyfountains.com




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She has been licensed as a Landscape Architect for more than 25 years and has designed award winning residential landscapes. She is a disciple of His Holiness Master Lin Yun Rinpoche, Grand Master of Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Sect of Feng Shui and has been studying Feng Shui for more than sixteen years. She teaches Garden as a Healing Space and Feng Shui and Feng Shui in the Garden for U.C.L.A. and other venues throughout the United States. She analyzes Feng Shui for people's homes, businesses and gardens.

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